Pizzomunno - Tour in barca alle grotte di Vieste
4 h50
Vieste, FG, Italia


The city immersed in the Gargano National Park
Vieste is a small town of Gargano. It is fully surrounded by the sea and offers suggestive and breathtaking views. The old village, lying on a rock that dominates the sea, maintains the features of its medieval origin. The irregular allys, the squares overlooking the sea and the white terraced houses characterized by small balconies and joined, near the streets, by small arches. Vieste is surrounded by the Umbra Forest and the Gargano National Park, approximately 10,000 hectares boasting over 2,000 plant species, 4,000 hectares of beech and oak trees, 65 species of wild orchids and many examples of wildlife. A holiday in Vieste is not complete without visiting the beautiful Umbra Forest and the characteristic trabucchi along the coast. Typical fishing boats on stilts, actually transformed into excellent fish restaurants. The trabucchi are a symbol of the Gargano tradition and protected by the Gargano National Park. One of the most popular places in Puglia, enchants with its golden beaches, romantic islets, the coves shaded by secular pines, lonely bays, sea caves and breathtaking cliffs.

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