Trulli e Vino: Alberobello e Degustazione in Cantina
7 h10
Polignano a Mare, BA, Italy
Walking Tour di Alberobello
1 h 30 min25
Alberobello, BA, Italia


The town of trulli
Here we are in Alberobello: the city of trulli! Situated in the Itria Valley, this Apulian town owes its fame to the trulli, characteristic houses that became a UNESCO heritage site in 1996. The old town is entirely composed of these particular houses, ancient buildings, made up of overlapping stones without the use of mortar. The stones that cover the cone are called “chiancole” and make the landscape unique, recognizable even from miles away. Through the streets of the old town, admiring this unique spectacle in the world, comes to think how absurd it is that these houses are still in excellent condition. It is precisely for this reason that they arouse the attention of tourists of all nationalities. Being a small village, it is easy to visit, getting lost in its narrow streets. Firstly, one of the things to discover in this fairy-tale town, is the district of Rione Monti, made up of 1030 Trulli. Lined up and arranged in different streets leading towards the top of the hill, where stands the church of Sant'Antonio da Padova, also Trulli-shaped. By going to Gian Girolamo d’Acquaviva D’aragona Square, it is possible to admire the Rione Monti from the top enjoying its breathtaking view. A unique place of its kind, a must see destination where you have to stop in one of its trullo restaurants, to taste local delicacies, such as orecchiette with turnip tops and taste the typical products of the area. Lying on the Murgia dei Trulli, Alberobello is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and evocative villages of southern Italy, among olive trees and vineyards, between scents and acre flavors, between the white of the buildings and the polychromy of the countryside.

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